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Table of Contents

What Is RDMP?

RDMP stands for Islands of Myth Mud Protocol

It is used to get more information about the mud in a format that your client can easily handle.

RDMP was developed originally by Phire to do the same type of thing that Portal was capable of for other clients since Portal claimed their protocol was proprietary. At the time we were officially supporting Portal's codes, and Phire asked if we would do the RDMP stuff as well.

At the time of this writing Portal in my mind is officially dead and I have added more of the RDMP codes and pulled the Portal codes out of things that have been rewritten. I have also supplied events for Portal to make use of the RDMP codes to populate the status bars (news group client.portal).

As a side note, Phire's original specs for RDMP were lost, and we have kind of made them up as we we put things in.

That being said lets get to how to use RDMP

How do I turn RDMP on?

The first thing is to know that it is off by default.

To turn RDMP on you type in the mud 'RDMP ON number'.

The number should be a number you and only you know. It is a 'security' feature of RDMP so that other players cannot mess with your hp/ep/sp displays.

There are 2 ways to use the security code:

  1. Use the same number all the time, that way you can write your triggers to know that number
  2. Or write more complex triggers and make that number dynamic
The mud will send the security code to you included in every RDMP line you recieve.

We will continue this example as if I typed..

RDMP ON 1234


  1. HEALTH -- This will display the health of your character including hp/sp/ep and max of each as well.

    Format: RDMP sec HEALTH hp maxhp sp maxsp ep maxep hungerpercent

    ex: RDMP 1234 HEALTH 100 110 90 95 50 70 100

  2. PARTY_HEALTH -- This will only display if you are in a party and have also typed 'party watch on'. This will give you one line per party member including their name and there position.

    Format: RDMP sec PARTY_HEALTH position name hp maxhp sp maxsp ep maxep

    ex: RDMP 1234 PARTY_HEALTH 1 Zifnab 100 110 90 95 50 70 RDMP 1234 PARTY_HEALTH 2 Zifjr 20 20 50 50 60 60

  3. MONSTER_HEALTH -- This is on as soon as you type RDMP ON 1234. This will show you the name of your current target, and his current general percentage of hp left. (same as looking at him).

    Format: RDMP sec MONSTER_HEALTH Name percent

    ex: RDMP 1234 MONSTER_HEALTH Tiamat 50