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  1. Snoop the gnoll, is ranked god at level 650.
  2. Nailman the human, is ranked goddess at level 326.
  3. Fraziw the thrikhren, is ranked demigoddess at level 174.
  4. Evalic the thrikhren, is ranked archmortal at level 156.
  5. Wildchild the eagle, is ranked archmortal at level 153.
  6. Xada the gnoll, is ranked archmortal at level 144.
  7. Seth the gnoll, is ranked legend at level 136.
  8. Dr the thrikhren, is ranked emperor at level 118.
  9. Temuthril the snakeman, is ranked queen at level 108.
  10. Grasfer the faerie, is ranked princess at level 100.
  11. Blackfear the high lich, is ranked hero at level 95.
  12. Nomz the tiger, is ranked duke at level 80.
  13. Qwerty the lizardman, is ranked baron at level 63.
  14. Zod the faerie, is ranked noble at level 42.