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D w a r f

Dwarves are small heavy-set humanoids who usually sport large beards. But never let a Dwarf's size fool you, they are known for their strength in character and in battle. They are excellent craftsmen and make the best of weaponsmiths due to their keen abilities in manual labor. Dwarves are not adepts of magic, even though they have some limited potential.

Strength: Good
Constitution: Good
Hp Max: Good
Hp Regen: Average
Dexterity: Above Ave
Stamina: Above Ave
Ep Max: Average
Ep Regen: Above Ave
Intelligence: Poor
Wisdom: Above Ave
Sp Max: Terrible
Sp Regen: Poor

They can train skills up to 100%
They can study spells up to 85%
Their experience rate is 88 %
Average height: 4 feet
Average mass: 176
They have average charisma.

They learn skills much faster than humans.
They learn spells much slower than humans.
They can see in the dark.
They are naturally extremely resistant to poison damage.
They are naturally resistant to physical damage.