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Score of a level 1 and level 71

| Name the Unselected                                                         |
| Level          :    1                 Open Guild Levels :    1              |
|                                                                             |
| Experience     :         2,000        Explored          :  0.08% ( 0.30%)   |
| To next level  :            34        Gold on hand      :         1,000     |
| To guild level :            12        Gold in bank      :             0     |
| Strength       :   22  |  Hit Points     :   10 (  10)  | AC       : None   |
| Dexterity      :   22  |  Spell Points   :  342 ( 342)  | Size     : 0'1"   |
| Constitution   :   22  |  Endurance Pts. :  243 ( 243)  | Weight   : 7 lb   |
| Stamina        :   22  |  Hunger         : Stuffed      |          :        |
| Intelligence   :   22  |  Wimpy          : 0%           | Hiding   : No     |
| Wisdom         :   22  |  Growth         : Full         | Poisoned : No     |
| Charisma       :   22  |  Alignment      : Neutral      | TaskPts. : 0      |
|                                         | Areas hit players : Yes           |
|                                         | Mail              : 0/0           |
|                                         | Kills             : 0             |

| Kazulanth NewbieQueen the Gargoyle Unpartyer (Mystics)                      |
| Level          :   71                 Open Guild Levels :    0              |
|                                                                             |
| Experience     :       564,272        Explored          : 83.65% (34.45%)   |
| To next level  :     7,023,545        Gold on hand      :        28,171     |
| To guild level :     7,023,545        Gold in bank      :     6,668,203     |
| Strength       :  136  |  Hit Points     : 1232 (1232)  | AC       : Avg    |
| Dexterity      :  110  |  Spell Points   : 2842 (2842)  | Size     : 6'7"   |
| Constitution   :  198  |  Endurance Pts. :  697 ( 697)  | Weight   : 303 lb |
| Stamina        :   97  |  Hunger         : Munchies     |          :        |
| Intelligence   :  325  |  Wimpy          : 20%          | Hiding   : No     |
| Wisdom         :  276  |  Growth         : Full         | Poisoned : No     |
| Charisma       :   95  |  Alignment      : Holy man     | TaskPts. : 13     |
| alpha   : cleric (10), rogue (1)        | Areas hit players : Yes           |
| beta    : weaver (10), traveler (3)     | Mail              : 0/10          |
| gamma   : martyr (8), navigator (10),   | Kills             : 39,074        |
|           confessor (10), healer (10)   `-----------------------------------|
| bravo   : avatar (9)                                                        |

Name - This is the name you chose when you first entered the game and created your character. You cannot change it. You can, however, change your title and surname (covered in the highbie score). If you want a new name, you'll have to make a new character.

Unselected - The brand new player has not yet picked a race in the newbie guide. Each race has its own unique set of characteristics, shown by the differences in statistics, exp rate, skill/spell learning rate, average height/weight, and other special characteristics.

Level -  The level in score is your current regular level.When you advance a regular level, open guild levels will go up by one as well. With each level comes additions to your stats and regeneration, although not always to all of them; it depends on your race for regular levels, and your guild for guild levels. You can advance regular levels by going one north of warp, or the Adventurers Guild, and talking to Achman.

Open Guild Levels - The open guild levels is how many guild levels you currently can advance, or how many you have left to spend. It is the difference between how many regular levels you have, and how many guild levels you have in all guilds combined. When you have advanced a regular level, this means that you can then go to the guild of your choice, and advance once there too, assuming you meet all the requirements of that guild. With each guild level, you are exposed to more spells and skills, which make you more powerful.

Experience - Experience is earned in various ways, the most common being killing monsters; when a monster dies your character receives experience. You may also receive 'xp' from events like blob or exp lottery or freeexp. You spend experience points on levels and on training or studying skills or spells. When you are level 50 or over, xp may also be used to train stats at Olympus.

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To next level - There is a lot of confusion among new players with the next level cost. This number DOES NOT decrease to 0, as you earn more experience, it is the actual amount of experience that the next level will cost you. You do not automatically advance to the next level once you earn enough xp for it, you must go to Achman and get another level.

To guild level - Each equivalent guild level and regular level cost the same in terms of xp. Thus your 16th regular level will cost you as much xp as your 16th guild level. You do not automatically advance in guild level once you make the xp for it, you must go to the guild you want to advance in and do it there.

Explored - 'Explored' is how much of Islands of Myth's areas you have visited, in percentage. The outside number is the percent of total rooms in Islands of Myth you have been in, and the one inside the ( ) is the percent you have earned towards your next reward of 20 taskpoints. When the number in the ( ) gets to 100 you will receive the reward. You can earn 20 tps for every 2000 rooms explored, up to 80 taskpoints total.

Gold on hand - Dead monsters will drop gold when you kill them, and you can take things and sell them at shops for money. Money can be used to buy food or items from shops, but more often it is used to buy things from other players on the sales channel.

Gold in bank - It's a good idea to put all but what you need for a while in the bank, in case the gold loss event runs, or you stand idle for a bit and someone with the pickpocket skill takes all your money. In any event, the bank doesn't charge anything, it just holds it safely. It also keeps records of transactions.

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Strength - Ability to do damage. Strength is used most by fighters and rogues, although it is important for other guilds, mostly in the context of weapon-wielding. A weapon of a certain weight requires a certain strength to hold it in both hands, and more strength to wield it in one hand.

Dexterity - Important for fighters and rogues. This helps you avoid hits (but has nothing to do with untying ropes or doing card tricks.)

Constitution - Each +1con raises your total hp by 2.5 points (really I should say that every +2con raises your total hp by 5) and helps you take hits better.

Stamina - Raises your epmax by 2.5 for every +1sta and also slightly influences your tock chance. This stat is really not used by caster guilds who are infrequently hit in battle.

Intelligence - Important for caster guilds, int increases the power or damage of your spells.

Wisdom - Important for caster guilds, raises your sp by 2 for every +1wis, and increases the power or damage of your spells.

Charisma - This makes things cost less, and sell for more. Races that have more charisma are noted in their help files as being "quite attractive", or if they have less they are "repulsive".

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Hit Points - Hit points are a measure of your health. You have a certain maximum number of hit points. As you increase your level and your stats increase, your max number of hit points will increase. When you go into combat, however, the monster will damage you, removing some of your hit points. Only healing or regeneration will bring your hit points back up to their max.  If you reach 0 hit points, you will die.

Spell Points - When a player casts a spell, it costs SPs. When a player does a skill, it costs EPs. The max SPs and EPs is also dependant upon stats and also require regeneration to replace once used.

Endurance Points - Used to do skills, and can be replaced by regeneration or with a refresh spell.

Hunger - You won't get hungry until after level 15, at which point you will have to feed yourself from time to time. You can check your hunger either by doing 'health' or checking in your score. If you get down to starving, you will stop regenerating, but you won't die. Food can be bought from several food shops or made with the create food spell. Sometimes people will leave some in CS. If you are not yet level 15, leave the food there for others to eat, and besides, you can't sell it for money.

Wimpy - This sets at what % of your health (measured in hit points) you will flee away from a monster. So, if a player has 100 hit points at full health, and has wimpy set to 60%, during combat he will try to flee the room when he gets to 60 hit points of health remaining. To set his wimpy %, one can use the 'wimpy' command. A good wimpy setting for newbies is about 30%, which can be set by typing 'wimpy 30'. If your wimpy is set to 0, or 0%, you will never flee.

Growth - Once you have picked a race and entered Islands Of Myth, you begin growing. It doesn't take very long to grow, but depends on how active you are while connected, and how much time you spend on Islands of Myth overall. Depending on the eventual average size of your race, you may grow more or less. You get added hp, but nothing else. It will either say 'Growing' or 'Full'.

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Alignment - This can be anywhere from Satanic to God Like. Some guilds require you to be one or the other, and certain spells will not work until beyond a certain alignment. You can change your alignment by killing the opposite alignment of creatures; killing birds in the aviary (good-aligned) will make you evil; killing drows in the elf forest (evil-aligned) will make you good.

AC - Armor class. This is your level of protection that your total armor affords you against attacks. There are several levels from None to BEST.  Fighters (tanks) should have a very high armor class, but it is not very important if you do not take battle damage. It doesn't help against spell damage.

Size - How tall you are. Average sizes can range from 2 feet 4 inches to over 10 feet. It doesn't really affect anything, and is purely a function of your race.

Weight - How much you weigh. Dictated by your race, and at much higher levels can affect your dodge success. Average sizes range from 13 pounds to nearly 500.

Hiding - Hiding is a skill in the assassin guild, which allows the person to be in a room but not have their name show up in the contents list, and other people cannot emote to them. They can however talk and do things as they normally do. This will either say 'Yes' or 'No' but usually no.

Poisoned - You can be poisoned with any number of skills, but usually by eating poisoned rye bread. Poisoning lasts a long time and takes away hp each time you get a poison message. It will eventually wear off but can be removed with the remove poison spell in the healer guild. This will either say 'Yes' or 'No' but usually no.

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TaskPts - Task points are earned by completing quests or giving specific eq to Sloatinok in the rifts. They are redeemed for wishes to Xanden, southwest of adv-guild. This number shows how many task points you have left to spend, not how many you have got.

Areas hit players - Areas are a type of spell that hits everything in the room. This shows whether your areas are set to hit players as well as monsters, and can be toggled at Veldren for a small fee.

Mail - The mudmail system is a pretty efficient way of communicating with offline players. It works pretty much like email, except you use the person's name instead of an address. The numbers represent: <# of new messages> / <# of total messages>

Kills - The number of times you have killed something. Party kills are not included unless you got the finishing blow.

NewbieQueen - This is my surname, which can be set by typing 'surname <word>' It can be up to 11 characters long.

Unpartyer - This is my title. It can be up to 40 characters long as you see it in your finger info. Surname and title together can only total 25 characters before the title is not shown when someone sees you in the room.

Mystics - This is my particular clan. Not all highbies belong to a clan but a good lot of them do. It requires a good bit of gold to start or enter a clan and can end up being an expensive and annoying proposition, especially if you don't like your clan mates or the general purpose of your clan.

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Alpha - Alpha guilds are the very first guild you join, and outline a general plan for what guilds you can join from that point on. The five alphas are rogue, cleric, fighter, animist, and mage. The reason that I have both cleric and rogue listed as alphas is that at level 71 you may take a different alpha as your 71st guild level, and can then join any guild under that alpha provided you meet that guild's requirements. Most guilds have 10 levels in them but some may have more or less.

Beta - The second level of guilds, directly after alpha, which can only be joined once you have gotten all the alpha levels. Since the guild system is arranged much like a tree, this is the next major 'branch' you take, and specializes you further. There are 12 beta guilds (4 mage, 2 cleric, 2 rogue, 2 fighter, 2 animist) altogether. Traveler, however, can be joined by any guild.

Gamma - Specializes you still further. Usually you must complete your beta guild before joining a gamma, and you can generally join a few of them at the same time. Navigator can be joined by mages and clerics. There are 32 gamma guilds (12 mage, 4 cleric, 6 rogue, 5 fighter, 5 animist)

Bravo - A very high level slot of guild. Most require completion of a gamma or two (or three) to join. The next level beyond this is omicron, which I don't have any of (still not having enough maxed bravos for a healer omicron).

For Strength/Wisdom/Intelligence:
Strength affects your physical combat damage and intelligence and wisdom affect your spell's damage. Damage types in order from least to most damage:

Almost nothing
Extremely low
Very low
Under average
Above average
Very high
Extremely high
For Hunger:
Levels of hunger from least full to fullest:

For Alignment:
From 'help alignment', these are the alignment types in order from good to bad:

God Like
Holy man
Sli. Good
Sli. Evil
Very Evil
For AC:
Armor classes in order from least to most protection:
Very High
© 2002 by Mira Botkin "Kazulanth"