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Fixed bug: 12543Mon Apr 22 06:29:36 2019 MST

Report Number: 12543
Original bug report by Aegis on Fri Sep 21 02:54:29 2018

Object: /domains/everrest/kazulanth/newbie/armor/forged_armor
Creator: Kazulanth and Apathy
Room: /domains/everrest/kazulanth/newbie/rooms/eqshop

I made this armor (Glossy violet helm) here a few days ago choosing 225 of each of Dragon scales (spr), Turtle shells (wis) and Hedgehog spines (int) as the three animal part types to be used. According to the sign in this room, this should have endowed the armor with +9 to each of these stats.

However, when wearing the helm today I noticed that it only gives +4 int and +2 wis, and some amount of spr that I can't confirm without access to an ID book.

This seems like a bug, so here's a report.

Aegis wrote on Sat Sep 22 08:15:21 2018

Quick update: I brought the helm to Reylan for an id, and this is the result:

You give Glossy violet helm to Reylan the Scholar.
Reylan's eyes flash at Glossy violet helm.
Name : Glossy violet helm
Info : There is nothing special about this object.
Armor class : About 18
Enchanted : No
Unique Equipped : No
Value : 20
Emits Light : No
Slots : head
Chestable : Yes
Unique : No
Holiday Item : No
Stat Bonuses :
int : 4
wis : 2
sp_regen : 4

So it seems clear that the value of the stats added to the armor are not reflective of the animal parts that were allocated to that armor, as 225 of each part type should have given +9 to the three corresponding stats.


Shinku wrote on Fri Oct 5 13:25:29 2018
not actually a bug, poor wording on sign.
I will try to get around to fixing this after my laptop charges up.


Shinku wrote on Mon Apr 22 09:29:36 2019
fixed wording on sign so it is a little bit more clear.


Shinku wrote on Mon Apr 22 09:29:36 2019