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Maintenance 2022-01-08Tue Jan 4 12:21:49 2022 MST
I had intended to move to a new server this month. However after shopping
around I've come to accept that I am getting a pretty good deal on the
current server.

As such instead of moving everything to new hardware, we're going to have
some downtime for maintenance.

Basically I would just write Jan 8th 2022 off as a day of no playing IoM.

For those curious the changes are:

* New Gentoo Base layout (read: non-deprecated)
* Much newer kernel
* More reliable network config
* Newer version(s) of glibc and friends

The main thing is the newer kernel. Not only is the kernel running on the
host pretty old, but it doesn't have support for some functions used by
newer tools.

The MUD runs in a VM, so hopefully the only change you'll notice is a more
reliable network config :D