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Mana RegenWed Jan 31 09:21:36 2024 MST
I've been playing a few different caster guilds to utilize different
secondary guilds other than the normal templar route just to see what it
would be like and I'm finding it very difficult to manage mana.
I began this druid reinc in particular at guild rank 5.96 without mana
regen wishes, just utilizing a spider ring for corpse eating and a cold
black ring for parties and found it very difficult to maintain mana. If it
were just a duo or trio, without a bard, I could blast steadily for 7 or 8
minutes and would have to either sit and regen for another 7-10 minutes or
drink a mana potion, which would take away 2-5 minutes of regen time
depending on the pot used.
After awhile, I found it extremely frustrating and gave up on playing it
until I drained another body of wishes to utilize the mana regen wishes.
I'm not sure entirely what the amount for each greater and lesser offer,
but my average spr was between 42-47 and now with the wishes it's 47-51.
For wishes, that seems like an absolute joke to offer such little mana.
Also, I did stat train in spr, but it's not a noticeable gain to make a
I suppose what my request here is to make mana regen better. With the
current rate of 50 spr and having 7-10k mana pool, the spr should be at
least double that...with any guild. Even the mana regen wishes need to
offer more regen, because right now it just feels like I wasted tps in
return for a shit show.