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Make secondary Sacrificer more beneficial for NecromancersSat Jul 6 10:20:35 2019 MST
cast energy field
I'm suggesting a few changes:

1. "Blood brotherhood" should work on necromancer familiars.
2a. "Offer blood" should work if you have the ritual dagger in your
inventory (instead of requiring you to wield it, which is impossible for
2b. Alternatively, or in addition, the leech created by "Summon leech"
could coexist with necro familiars.
3. I wasn't able to test if blood healing works, but it seems like it should.


1. Thematically, this makes a lot of sense (indeed, one of the omicron
Necromancer guilds is "Blood Brother").
2. Gameplay-wise there's already a precedent for this ("cause light
wounds") and there seems to be an explicit connection between Unraveller
(casting protection from good on undeads results in "
3. What other guild would ever take secondary Sacrificer?
order vuno cast regenerating flesh at muno