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guild itemMon Feb 19 11:14:41 2024 MST
I personally feel that the guild item should cover the weapon slots as well
and be utilized as blunt, piercing, and slashing... depending on the nature
of the hit.
There's an item in-game I'm thinking of that covers the hands and extends
to weapon slot. If that could work with a guild item for MA, it would
change the way it works in general. I realize there are a lot more things
in play as to how most of the skills work with hands as opposed to a weapon
in hand, so if there's a possibility here to make MA better, is it worth it
to take a look and see if it's workable?
>guild itemFri Feb 23 08:53:32 2024 MST
This is quite complex and to change it would probably require

a overhaul of the whole guild = probably won't happen :P